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I Can't Receive Emails

Not receiving emails?

Below is the list of basic troubleshooting steps if you're having issues with your incoming emails. 
  1. Is your domain on client hold status?
    • If yes, update your domain contact information and follow the verification email for changes.
  2. Is your domain name expired? 
    • If yes, renew the domain registration.
    • If no, proceed to step 2
  3. Make sure that your email is hosted on our server. Check your MX records. See article, How to Update MX Records - Mail Exchange Record - DNS Management
  4. Is your hosting account in good status? If your hosting account is suspended, please contact us
  5. Check the mailbox storage used
    • Quota exhausted? You may either upgrade your mailbox storage or delete unwanted emails to free up space.
    • If you still have enough storage left, proceed to step 5
  6. Send a test email. 
  7.  Is the email sent to 'Trash' or returned to the sender? 
  8. Are you using a Mail Client? Do you have your email setup on your tablet or phone? If yes, then make sure that you have the correct incoming email settings. Check out Email Client Setup.

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