Here are just a few comments from real customers.

Carl H Johnson

"As always, awesome support even at 1:30 AM!!! Thank You ;)"

Taylor Lovett

"I've been hosting with for a long time. I run two internet businesses that require extensive work. I can always count on to keep my website running and to give me the support I need. I've had many nightmares involving different hosting companies. I'm glad that I've finally found one I can count on. Thanks!"

Jason M. Morin, Sr

"I just wanted to send a note to let you guys know how pleased I am with I have a web design company in the Berkshires, (east coast), and have been very satisfied with the level of expertise, quality, and continuous development from your sales, support, and development team. All of my sites (,,,,,, and are posted clean, and with very little if any down time due to the server. The live Tech Chat is my kind of support too. Keep up the good work guys, as my business grows with yours."

Dan Hardick

"I have had my website hosted by for more than a year and haven't experienced any down time. Their web statistics reporting is excellent as well. I would highly recommend"

Beau Thompson

"After being with for six months, I decided to create a website honoring everything they have to offer. leads the pack in the entire web hosting industry and their prices are unbeatable for what they have to offer. At, I compared the top 10 web hosts in an attempt to prove that is truly the best. supports almost everything you can imagine. Thank you"

Jase St. Peter

"I've had other web hosting services and nothing can compare to"

Thomas Ross

"I haven't had to rely on customer support very much but every time I have you folks have truly impressed me with your class act. The stability of your web hosting, the quality of customer & tech support, and the reasonable price has me coming back for renewal Thanks for a job well done."

J. Ku

" offers exceptional value and excellent service. We highly recommend for your web hosting solutions. We know has done a great job for our hosting needs."


" is GREAT! Their customer service is awesome. I love the staff for their kindness and integrity, and also their helpful responses."

Bernabe Guerra

"I have to say after searching the internet for a reasonable web hosting offer, has been the one I had to fall for. Their support setting up my account and loading my site was an easy step-by-step procedure and I wouldn't change it one bit."

Jerry Smith

"I've used my account for the last 3 years for everything you can imagine: personal website, storage for my college work, college projects, group collaboration, and as a tool to help me learn the ins and outs of web programming. Now, I'm a high school teacher, and I use my account to host a course management system. I never have to worry about the server being down, much to the chagrin of my students. Thanks've used my account for the last 3 years for everything you can imagine: personal website, storage for my college work, college projects, group collaboration, and as a tool to help me learn the ins and outs of web programming. Now, I'm a high school teacher, and I use my account to host a course management system. I never have to worry about the server being down, much to the chagrin of my students. Thanks"

Zim Olson

"The affordable rates at have made my website being long term a reality/possibility. I appreciate's extra options such as Web Stats and plan on looking into other new features has recently told us about."

Brian Martin

"I'm very pleased with the uptime, support, and decent price! What you can't do with the touch of a button, you can contact your wonderful staff with. I've been hosting with for 10 months now with one site and a few months with a second site. I also noticed some little interesting programs you have hosted on the site helping your users do the little extra perks with their sites. My site relies on PHP and MySQL; within your control panel, it's easy to set everything up. I just wanted to say thank you, and glad to be a customer of"

Mazdak Farrokhzad

"When I was going to pick a host. I looked at many different companies and compared them. I was not satisfied, even once. But I didn't know about Then I saw an advertisement somewhere and I checked the site and then I compared with the other companies. To my surprise I saw that was much better, the bandwidth and storage was better, the scripting features were better, everything was better.

After I had purchased my domain, a representative called me and told me how to login to the GCC and how to do everything important. I started to make my homepage...and every time I wanted help they were always there for me with the right answer. And now they have upgraded everything so it's even better than before. So I really suggest you use Because they are simply the best."

Charity Finley

"Let me start by saying: I love! I originally purchased my first round of web space from 3 years ago. Since then I have purchased another package for myself and I have also signed up others! I am a Web Designer so I deal with various companies who are interested in setting up their first "web presence." I always start by telling people who are new to the web world that they would get this web space from the best hosting company out there - This year a lone I have signed up 2 companies and I am currently working on signing up a third. The Control Panel is so easy to use and my favorite feature of it is the stats part. It is so nice to be able to log on and see all the traffic that has hit my page for the day. With's Control Panel whatever you want to do just click a button and BOOM it practically does it for you. I have had the chance to check out other web providers that my clients had already chosen before they signed me up to do their website and let's just say those other host can not even compare to the ease of use that provides. (SBC, Lowest Hosting, Etc) On a scale of 1 to 10 is a 10 and everyone else is a 1! Their customer service is like no other PLUS the live chat thing is so convenient. There is no wait time like when you call by phone, you don't have to punch in five million numbers just to get to a live person and the support person can even redirect your browser to point you to the page you are looking for. My thanks go out to Brian and Richard. They have been very helpful support people. Congrats on your awesome service. You have the web hosting thing down."

Raymond Howard

" provides great service and support."

David Fickling

"Since I came to for my hosting I've had nothing but fantastic service. Customer support has been great whenever I've had problems, and the live chat order assistant answered any questions I had about the service before I joined. The regular add-ons and upgrades to their customized control panel are always appreciated, and it's a great alternative to C-Panel. Overall in my opinion I'm glad to be a member of one of the fastest growing web hosting services on the net."

Witharana Patabendige Madhawa Jayanath

" After a long and stressful search to find a better hosting service provider for my web solutions....This is the place I kept my feet. Nearly unlimited web space, great bandwidth, and an unlimited number of email, all backed by a knowledgeable customer support team. What else we ask from a hosting service provider.... Not only having this grows day by day!!!!!"


"Two Words: "Disk Space." And that's just the tip of the iceberg. A totally original control panel, integrated photo gallery software, and gobs of bandwidth and email accounts make an easy choice for massive website storage."

Paul Bammel

"I was getting signed up for your hosting service. I had first looked online to see what all was available, and with so many companies to choose from, I was a bit nervous that there may have been some providers who were out to get my money. So, when I was signing up, I was reading the terms of service and all of a sudden Richard, one of the customer service representatives for popped up onto my screen in the form of a chat box. He was able to guide me through the ordering process and really made me feel secure in my purchase. I look forward to having my website with now and am sure that I will keep it there for years to come."

Trish Bennett

"I run a large fan site for Johnny Depp, which takes an enormous amount of time and resources. With his popularity at an all-time high, I suddenly found people all over the web hotlinking to the files from my site for their own sites and message boards. The problem was getting out of hand, costing me money in additional bandwidth charges or shutting my site down completely when the bandwidth limit was reached.

All it took was one mention to about the problem, and the tech support team went to work to find me a viable solution. I am happy to say my site is now completely protected from the misuse of others on the web, and I no longer have the added expense and headaches of dealing with it all.

I just want to say "thank you" to the team for your tireless efforts in solving my bandwidth problems and bending over backwards to help the site run smoothly. I really appreciate it."

Jerry Isenhart

"My attention to started with your extremely good pricing, combined with HIGH SPEED data transmission. Once I established those two were true I started moving my domains. I used your servers for a year, to host graphics for my main site. 99.999 percent up time is conservative. I encountered superb customer support. I really like the On-Line Chat feature, with an ability to talk with people at any hour of the day/night and get good help. Your people understand your products and are always polite and helpful & every time I log on to to manage my domains, I see more new features and improvements. I know I am with an aggressive forward thinking company that must be doing something right because the products just get better and better. P.S. Your Instructional On-Line Videos are incredible."

Marvin Janzen

"Impressed with the quick response to my questions. Thank you for the live chat service."

Chris Brothers

"I have been with for about 6 months now, and I am very pleased with their service. I switched to from another server who charged $20 a month and didn't have even 1/4 of what offers in their $7/month plan. I'm saving $200/year now that I have switched from my old server. Now, to top that off, DOUBLED everything: disk space, bandwidth, and email addresses. That was thrilling! They have good customer support, and the wait times for phone support are short. I would highly recommend for anyone, whether new to website publishing, or more experienced."

Hugh Foley

" has made it easy for me to be online with a basic site. I have been able to work on my site fluently since signing on with When I called for help to your 24 hour service line, I received a friendly and knowledgeable technical service person who answered my questions about the server. Hope you have a great new year."

Rainer Hegendoerfer

"After much bad experience with other hosting providers we found and decided to try it since their offer of space, traffic, etc. for that price was excellent. At first we were unsure, if can accomplish quality hosting at such low prices, but now, after several months, our answer is "YES" - can do it and did it! There were no downtimes and only very few problems, which their around-the-clock support solved immediately while always being very friendly. We now moved two other sites We trust them with our business and recommended to our partners and everyone we know."