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LOS ANGELES, CA - 11-11-2008
Holiday Bonuses to Web Hosting Affiliates Given By Globat.com


LOS ANGELES, CA - 11-01-2007
Globat.com Acquires Web Hosting Provider Hostaway

LOS ANGELES, CA - 09-17-2007
Globat.com Acquires Web Hosting Provider CompleteHostingSolutions.com

LOS ANGELES, CA - 08-15-2007
Globat.com Acquires Web Hosting Provider Newista

LOS ANGELES, CA - 03-14-2007
Globat.com Gives Away 4 Months Free of Web Hosting

LOS ANGELES, CA - 01-02-2007
Globat.com Launches New Year with Unprecedented Package & Service Upgrades


LOS ANGELES, CA - 09-11-2006
Globat.com Announces Celebrity Spokesperson, New Web site and Redesigned Packages

LOS ANGELES, CA - 08-16-2006
Globat.com Announces New Customer Service Initiative

LOS ANGELES, CA - 08-07-2006
Globat.com and Template Monster Announce Marketing Partnership

LOS ANGELES, CA - 02-09-2006
This Valentine's Day "Show Your Love", On The Net - Geek-Style

LOS ANGELES, CA - 02-08-2006
Globat.com Now Supports ShopSite Version 8.0 with their Terabyte Hosting Packages

LOS ANGELES, CA - 01-03-2006
Globat.com Helped MillionDollarHomepage.com's Founder to Become Millionaire!


LOS ANGELES, CA - 10-05-2005
MillionDollarHelpPage.com Makes Donating Fun

LOS ANGELES, CA - 09-26-2005
Globat.com Launches Million-Dollar-Help-Page.com To Raise $1 Million For Katrina Victims

LOS ANGELES, CA - 09-23-2005
Globat.com Helps MillionDollarHomepage.com's Young Entrepreneur To Become a Millionaire

LOS ANGELES, CA - 05-26-2005
Web Host Globat.com Acquires Shared Hosting Company EntityHosting.com

LOS ANGELES, CA - 04-14-2005
Globat.com Launches "Refer-A-Friend" Program for Web Hosting Services

LOS ANGELES, CA - 02-22-2005
Globat.com Adds Free SSL, Marketing, and Site Building Tools to Its $4.95/mo Gigabyte Package

LOS ANGELES, CA - 02-03-2005
Globat.com Introduces Industry's Largest Budget Web Hosting Package


LOS ANGELES, CA - 11-17-2004
Free Digital Camera with Each New Globat.com Web Hosting Account

LOS ANGELES, CA - 11-03-2004
Globat.com To Feed The Homeless With Every New Account

LOS ANGELES, CA - 08-20-2004
Web Host Globat.com Extends E-commerce Features, Disk Space and Bandwidth Limits.

LOS ANGELES, CA - 02-02-2004
Globat.com Launches a New Control Panel, The Globat Command Console

LOS ANGELES, CA - 01-07-2004
Calling all DellHost customers! Transfer your Web hosting account to Globat.com...


LOS ANGELES, CA - 12-22-2003
Globat.com launches enterprising Winter Sale. Free Domains and Free Hosting with Bigger Packages!

LOS ANGELES, CA - 09-21-2003
Globat Launches B2 Server Clusters to Give 'Big Guys' Hosting Reliability...

LOS ANGELES, CA - 07-25-2003
Globat Employs The Sausalito Group To Revolutionize Client Experience

LOS ANGELES, CA - 03-26-2003
Globat, LLC. Offers Extraordinary Value with Launch of GigaByte Hosting Package

LOS ANGELES, CA - 02-08-2003
Globat, LLC. increases product offerings by releasing new version of domain registration portal...


LOS ANGELES, CA - 09-16-2002
Globat, LLC. partners with neutral internet exchange Pihana...

LOS ANGELES, CA - 03-21-2002
Globat acquires assets of EBCI, Inc. formerly known as eToys, Inc...


LOS ANGELES, CA - 12-19-2001
Icom.com Founders Are Back In The — New Web Hosting Company Launched In Los Angeles