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Volume 10 May 2007

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Dear Valued Customer,

Welcome to the tenth edition of g-bit, the official customer newsletter. This month, we're inviting you to take part in a survey to help redesign the GCC. We're also continuing our "Feature Spotlight" section with tips on reading and analyzing your site's traffic stats. Plus, we have some great news about improvements in the Billing Department and a chance for you to advertise for free with Microsoft!

GCC Redesign Survey
Globat Command Console

The Globat Command Console® is getting a makeover and we need your help!

In the next couple of months, we will be redesigning the Globat Command Console. Our ultimate goal is to make it easier for you to manage your site and to take advantage of all the extra features and bonuses that come with every Web hosting account.

Though we already have some ideas in mind for areas of improvement and new additions, we would like for you to be a part of the redesign. This is your control panel, and we want to hear your opinions on what you like, what you don't like, and what you want to see. Take part in our quick survey and help create a better Web hosting experience!

Click here to share your ideas and opinions. Feature Spotlight
The Globat Command Console

Stats & Logs

If you haven't been reviewing your Web site's statistics, then you've been neglecting a valuable resource that can help you create a better performing Web site. Whether you're trying to share your art, increase your sales conversions, or just get more people to your site, understanding your site's visitors is crucial to achieving your goals.

Through your Globat Command Console's Stats & Logs menu, you can see just how many visitors your site is getting every day, how they found you, what kind of computer they're using, and much more!

Here's just some of the information you'll get from your Stats & Logs:

  • Number of visitors your site gets during any given range
  • Average lengths of visits
  • Entry page - the first page your visitor comes to
  • Exit page - the last page your visitor looks at before leaving
  • Referrers - sites that linked to you/where your visitors are coming from
  • Keywords - search engine words that brought visitors to your site
  • Visitor country
  • Browser and Platform (such as Internet Explorer 6.0 on a computer running Windows XP)
  • And much more

With this information, you can modify and tweak your site to better suit your customers. How?

Well, if you see that the majority of your customers are leaving on one particular exit page, you may need to examine that page to see why (unless it's designed to be the last page seen).

• Is it confusing?
• Does it have broken images?

You can also combine information such as visit length and entry pages to determine if that needs work. If most of your customer enter on your home page, yet most of your visits are less than 30 seconds, then you know you need to make your home page more attention-grabbing and to encourage your visitors to click around and explore.

Are you getting a lot of visitors who clicked through a link from another site? Then maybe you want to create a special entry page for them (also known as a landing page) and have that referring site link there. A personal touch on your site can be very effective when it comes to engaging your visitors, and with careful review of your Stats & Logs, you'll be able to build a better Web site.

Click here to view your Web site's Stats & Logs now.
Billing Support - Now on Live Chat

Need to reach our Billing Department? You can always call our toll-free number 1.877.2.GLOBAT or submit a support ticket using our contact form.

Now you can also reach a billing agent through our live online chat, available from 6:00am - 5:00pm PST, Monday through Friday.

Whether you prefer calling, e-mailing, or online chat, this is just one of the many ways we're working to give you the best Web hosting experience possible.

To access Billing Live Chat, simply click on the Live Chat link found at the top of most pages.

Click here to go to now.
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